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There are two theories as to what is wrong with the mass media today.  According to a Chomskian view, the problem is primarily a combination of cultural and economic factors operating through peer pressure.

Nevertheless, it is also a fact that the CIA has been actively involved in penetrating the mass media.  David Martin has done groundbreaking work in this area in his "Dreyfus" series on media coverage of the Vincent Foster murder case, as well as in his columns.

Because of these factors, it is almost impossible to be completely trusting of any news source whatsoever.  Even seemingly radical anti-government publications must be suspect.  If I were you, I wouldn't entirely trust 911-strike.com either.  Check everything out, and above all THINK. 

This website will always be completely and uncompromisingly opposed to warfare; unlike the so-called "antiwar.com" site, a widely crosslinked web resource which at a critical moment was actually supportive of US military action in Afghanistan.  (Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com has also been virulently critical of many other antiwar activists, for ideological reasons or perhaps  to make himself look good by comparison.  But really, the very nicest thing you could say about Justin is that he is "a babe in the woods".)

Also in the spirit of antiwar media criticism, I offer this view of Carol Valentine and the Bumble Planes Theory.

Finally, for anyone who is inclined to believe everything that they read at every conspiracy theory website, here's a rather fantastic error -- Delphi Associates has mistaken "little old me" for a mole in the British MI-6 secret service, a mysterious fellow who goes by the pen name of "James Bond".   How did this happen?