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Vince Foster crime scene witness linked to Saudi royal family

By Jerry Russell  9/6/2002

Updated 10/1/2002

"Salvador Astucia" is the author of "Opium Lords", a book exploring Zionist connections to the JFK assassination case, which is freely available on the web at www.jfkmontreal.com.  Recently, Astucia started hosting a moderated discussion forum at his web page, dedicated to the thesis that the Clinton aid Vincent Foster was murdered as part of a campaign to derail the Oslo Accords (a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine which was announced in September 1993, but never implemented.)  Astucia suggests that Foster might have been involved in the Oslo Accord negotiations, as a sort of "special representative" for Hilary Clinton.  Thus, Astucia postulates: Foster's murder was a "message" to Hilary from the Likud, saying that peace could not be tolerated.

Foster's violent death on July 20, 1993 was officially described as a suicide.  However, many critics have argued that he was a murder victim.  According to eyewitness testimony, the body was initially seen with no gun nearby, then with a semi-automatic handgun, and finally with a gun that apparently was not the same gun as the one Vince Foster actually owned.  Autopsy reports may have been falsified to hide the existence of a neck wound in addition to Foster's head wound.  Finally, handwriting analysts claimed that an alleged "suicide note" by Foster was a crude forgery.  In spite of this evidence, a series of government investigations (including the Starr Report of 1997) continued to maintain that Foster's death was a suicide.

One of the most thorough sources of documentation about the Foster case is a website maintained by Hugh Turley at www.fbicover-up.com.  This site features the book "Failure of the public trust" which consists largely of court documents which were prepared by researcher Hugh Turley, attorney John Clarke and crime scene witness Patrick Knowlton.

According to Knowlton, his actual role in the events of July 20, 1993 was strikingly minor, if not  completely inconsequential.  He stopped at Fort Marcy Park in Washington (allegedly with the intention to urinate in the bushes in this urban public park) and noted that there were two cars in the parking lot, one of which was an aging brown Honda. The other car, he said, contained a man who sat and stared suspiciously at Knowlton.

When he heard later about the death of Vincent Foster, Knowlton says, he decided to call the FBI to offer his testimony, for whatever it was worth.  However, Knowlton claims that the FBI fraudulently altered his statements to indicate that he saw Foster's car in the park, which was a newer silver Honda.  The government claimed that Foster had already driven to Fort Marcy Park to kill himself,  so his silver Honda should have been in the parking lot at that time.  Turley, Clarke and Knowlton found testimony from two additional civilian witnesses corroborating that the Honda in the parking lot was an old brown Honda, not a late-model silver one like Foster's car.

Knowlton claimed that he was harassed by the FBI and his reputation was smeared by the FBI in response to his testimony, which tended to discredit the official scenario.  With help from Turley and Clarke, Knowlton pursued a lawsuit accusing the US government of conspiracy to interfere with his civil rights in connection with his testimony at the Whitewater grand jury.

In "Failure of the public trust" Knowlton is portrayed as a construction industry worker with no political agenda.  However, in an interview with this reporter, Knowlton confirmed that he was also employed by Nubold (or New Bold) Security, owned by Ray Hodge. This company  provided security services to the Saudi royal family.  Hugh Turley has indicated that this relationship existed as soon as six weeks after Foster's death.  Researcher Carol Valentine claims in a statement at Astucia's web page, that Turley has stated on other occasions that Knowlton actually was with security at the Saudi embassy at that time.  

"Failure of the Public Trust" (p. 91) notes that the Saudi Arabian Embassy is only 700 feet away from Fort Marcy Park, and Astucia observes that according to journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the residence of the Saudi ambassador is also located within 570 feet of the location where Foster's body was found.

Rejecting Knowlton's alibi that his presence at Fort Marcy Park was a result of a coincidental urinary expedition, Astucia argues that Knowlton should be considered a suspect in Foster's murder, because of his link with the Saudis.  In response to Astucia's suggestion, Knowlton angrily told this reporter that Astucia is a "bigot" and an "anti-semite" and said that he will be filing a lawsuit against Astucia, charging him with libel.

In a further explosive revelation, Astucia also unveiled that Reed Irvine's "Accuracy In Media" organization was one of the sources of funding for the lawsuit by Knowlton, Turley and Clarke. This was confirmed in an e-mail message from Irvine.  Researcher Hugh Turley is also currently listed as a member of AIM's speaker's bureau.  

AIM has been linked in the past to radical Zionist factions.  Astucia cites Michael Collins Piper in "Final Judgment", who showed that AIM co-founder Bernard Yoh "is also affiliated with the International Security Council (ISC)",  which was founded by rabbi Joseph Churba, who in turn also worked with "Americans for a Safe Israel", which allegedly was "an outgrowth of the Israeli underground terrorist group, Irgun".

According to information posted by the Interhemispheric Resource Center at http://www.pir.org/gw/aim.txt, a further study of AIM's  ideology, issues, funding sources, and connections also reveals roots in right-wing New World Order religions such as Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, as well as the ancient (and apparently unrelenting) Order of Freemasonry.  

Significant funding for AIM is believed to come from Richard Scaife, heir to the banking fortune of Freemason Andrew W. Mellon (http://www.sbmasons.com/sbmasons/secrets.htm.)   AIM board members include Claire Booth Luce and William Simon, both members of the (Masonic) Knights of Malta.  Historically and symbolically, these Masonic institutions are also closely related to Skull and Bones, the Yale fraternity home of the Bush dynasty.  (See http://www.freedomdomain.com/secretsocieties/skull02.html).

Attorney John Loftus has recently charged that the Saudi government has also actively worked to promote discord between the Israeli and Palestinian governments.  Court documents were filed by Loftus on May 29 to disclose an alleged Federal cover-up of these Saudi activities, and his press release (http://www.john-loftus.com/press.release.htm) states:

[...] the Saudi Government was laundering money through Florida charities run by USF Professor Sami Al Arian for the support of terrorist groups in the Middle East. Through the Al Arian network and others, the Saudi Government secretly funded Al Qaida, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The Saudi purpose was twofold: the destruction of the State of Israel and the prevention of the formation of an independent Palestinian State.

Two particular terrorist groups, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, were specifically chosen and funded by the Saudis for their willingness to undermine Arafat’s Palestinian Authority. The secret Saudi goal was to create such animosity between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that it would wreck any chance for the creation of an independent Palestinian State. Their tactics specifically called for the intimidation or murder of those Palestinians who were willing to work with Israel for peace.


To the Saudis, a democratic Palestinian nation would be a cancer in the Arab world, a destabilizing example of freedom that would threaten Arab dictators everywhere.  As King Fahd said, “next to the Jews, we hate the Palestinians the most.”  The harder the Israelis and Palestinians worked for peace, the more money King Fahd poured into his murder for hire program.

While to some extent Loftus' release may be viewed as a white-wash of Zionist complicity in these same problems, it also provides a possible explanation for the motive underlying any connection between Knowlton's Saudi employment, and his involvement with the Foster murder. While factionalists attempt to blame either the Israelis, the Americans or the Islamic nations for all the tension in the world, actually the evidence seems to continually point to substantial complicity between right-wing factions of all religious and ethnic persuasions, who are manipulating the course of events to promote discord, violence and warfare.