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The Five-Sided Fantasy Island

An analysis of the Pentagon crash on 9-11

By Richard Stanley  & Jerry Russell                                                   version 2.0 (3/12/2004) Page 3 of 5

Aluminum Foiled

Many investigators have noted that there is no evidence of the appropriate quantities of aircraft debris inside the Pentagon, where most of the plane should have come to rest according to the official story.  Only a few pieces have been photographed, and these photographs for the most part are lacking in context allowing one to consider if the parts were truly part of the 9/11 event or not.  Sarah Roberts claimed that most of the debris from inside the Pentagon was removed quickly, before photographs could be taken. Of course, normally one would expect this type of material to be saved for a proper forensic investigation. The lack of which leads to justifiable speculation, just as happened with the rush to sell off the WTC steel, and the rush to remove JFK from Parkland Hospital in Dallas before the lawful autopsy by competent doctors could be performed.

Semi-official sources have speculated that perhaps fire consumed the aircraft, in some cases vaporizing the aluminum and then sometime later modified to simply melting the aluminum --  yet this seems highly unlikely, according to an analysis by Kee Dewdney and Gerry Longspaugh. 

Jean-Pierre Desmoulins has claimed that the aluminum could have been reacted away in an exothermic (self sustaining) reaction with fire sprinkler water coming in contact with the aluminum already heated by the burning jet fuel.  However, this is countered by the unlikelihood of this reaction to occur in total (or even to a significant fraction) to sheet aluminum as the thin material will pull away from the high temperatures. This is a common occurrence when trying to weld on the edge of thin sheets of metal if the parameters are not controlled precisely and heat sink clamps are not provided.

    In sheet or block forms, aluminum will not normally propagate or sustain combustion. http://www.meridianeng.com/aluminum.html

The exothermic reaction (see Hydrogen Generating Reactions from the same link above) with water is one that would more commonly be seen happening to a cooling aluminum ingot where the still molten and unreacted interior metal accidentally becomes exposed to water. Additionally, there is a problem that much of the available oxygen entering the area from outside or other parts of the building is being consumed by the jet fuel fire, undoubtedly in a non-optimal fashion that would most likely preclude the entire area of the internal debris field to reach the 660C melting temperature of the aluminum. In fact, one could argue that in many places the fire temperature would be such that it would help re-oxidize any freshly exposed aluminum. The surface oxide layer on aluminum being  rather inert to further reactions.

Also, one must consider how much water being sprinkled down from the ceilings (if the sprinklers or their feed pipes even remained intact to any extent) would really reach the aluminum laying on the floor. The water being exposed to the fuel fire alone would mostly turn to steam and rise away from the lower aluminum. If there was any localized exothermic reaction going on this would raise the temperatures even higher and dissallowing sprinkler water from reaching even more metal.

For those parts of the fuselage and wing which were able to penetrate the Pentagon walls, we would expect the debris to be intact in somewhat larger chunks, similar to most air crashes where the airframe has an opportunity to decelerate gradually. Or at least larger pieces than one would allow for by the Sugano et al report's F4-D fighter that hit a 10 foot thick block of reinforced concrete, where the concrete face was barely affected. Once the 10" thick brick and limestone infill walls were breached by the alleged 757 fuselage the only opposition to the remainder of the plane material would have been interior columns spaced at 10 or 20 foot intervals allowing for relatively large fragments to remain intact.

The lack of evidence of large amounts of aircraft debris from inside the Pentagon is a highly suspicious circumstance, which could be addressed by the release of more Pentagon cleanup photographs (some of which might have been withheld due to the presence of human remains.) This leads to the contradiction between the claims of the high temperatures causing the aluminum to disappear to a great extent and the high percentage of victim's DNA which was claimed to be identified. The questions which must be asked then is: why keep all of this 'cleanup material' in the dark when rampant speculations could be put to rest? And are the victim's families really that perturbed that they don't care about a real investigation?

Regardless of all this, the bottom line is that we have no proof that the debris was not found inside the Pentagon, as claimed in the late-emerging reports.

Sarah Roberts collected eyewitness testimony (some of it second-hand, and/or  from unnamed sources) as well as several  photographs of the interior of the Pentagon following 9-11.  From these photographs, only a small amount of aircraft debris can be confirmed, and even less of this was specifically identifiable as the remnants of a Boeing 757.  

Engine photos


Engine debris allegedly from Pentagon, showing combustion chamber housing (Source: Sarah Roberts)


engine rotor.jpg

Engine compressor or turbine disc (Source: http://www.photolibrary.fema.gov/photolibrary/index.jsp, Photo #4414)

RB-211 overview, combustion chamber housing and high-pressure compressor disc (Source: Boeing maintenance documents)

The plane debris observed in the various photographs does indeed comport with that of a 757, at least to the limited degree with which they can be compared to actual 757 parts or the manufacturer's detail drawings, as shown above. The engine compressor or  turbine disk appears to be approximately the correct diameter to have been used in a Rolls Royce RB211-535E4B engine, as used in American Airlines 757 aircraft. The fragment of the high pressure combustor casing also comports with the string of fuel inlet nozzle holes, the mounting bosses of which have the correct number of screw holes (6). The combustor is definitely not from a Pratt and Whitney PW2037, which is the other make of 757 engine used in the airline industry, nor is it from a General Electric CF6-80C2.

Some observers have claimed that these engine parts are too small to have come from a 757.  The confusion is because the RB-211 engine configuration is dominated by the large turbofan at the front of the engine, which is what people expect a 757 engine should look like.  However, because the RB-211 is a "high bypass" engine, the high-pressure compressor, combustion chamber and turbine are all much smaller than the turbofan, as shown in the small overview figure at the top left of the drawing.  It is perfectly reasonable to ask what happened to the turbofan -- but the compressor disk and the combustor case do look like 757 parts.

The question remaining here from the extremely limited amount of crudely identifiable 757 parts is what can be derived from this evidence? There were two engines on the plane, there should be many more turbine disks, blade and vane fragments, and casing fragments. There should be 9 more wheel hubs to be accounted for, as well as more landing gear parts. There should also be heavy tungsten (not Depleted Uranium) counterweight ballasts to have survived. (These counterweights are used to balance the ailerons, flaps and tail control surfaces, to prevent flutter.) Depleted Uranium is used as ballast on 747s, L1011s, and DC10s, not 757s or 767s.

So in light of all the other anomalies, one must ask whether the parts were from a 757, or were they planted as fake evidence, perhaps having been from an earlier 757 crash?  Or perhaps some of the pictures were taken directly from other crashes (although this would not account for the turbine rotor, which does appear in context.  Eyewitness Lagasse also reported that one engine was seen being removed from the Pentagon.)  As Gerard Holmgren has noted, all of the parts shown in photographs released by the Pentagon are small, portable chunks.

With regards to the missile theory:  The engine parts might comport with the Rolls-Royce turbofan engine in a British Harrier jump-jet, but probably not with a Global Hawk or other missile.  The wheel and landing gear parts do not look like they came from a fighter plane or missile.  After a diligent search, we have been unable to find any photographs of parts which are clearly from a fighter jet or missile, rather than from a Boeing 757.

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Boeing 757-200 information

wingspan - 124' 10", fuselage width - 12' 4", fuselage height - 13' 2"


http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/aero_05/textonly/ps02txt.html - Onboard loadable software, can you say a 'hack-a-pilot'?

C-32A - military version of Boeing 757 (fleet of 4, stationed at Andrews AFB)



Rolls Royce RB211-535E4B



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Aircraft maintenance drawings

Maintenance drawing showing bolt hole pattern on combustion case

RB-211 dimensions and specifications

Pratt and Whitney - 757's also use P&W PW2037 engines


Maintenance manual drawing of Pratt & Whitney combustion case

Maintenance manual drawing of General Electric CF6-80C2 combustion case

These  maintenance drawings were provided to us by Joe Hryczyk,  Licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic, who also requested that we post the following message: 

Regarding Sarah Roberts "report"...I call it a bunch of whoo-wee. For you see, I wanna know where the chunks of >>TWO<< RB-211 Turbofan engines are shown! I wanna know where there are sections of the engine's WING SPARS...and WING SPARS aren't flimsy pieces of SHEET METAL! Wing spars are designed to take 2+ times the MAX GROSS WEIGHT of an aircraft! I wanna know where the sections/pieces of the HUGE VERTICAL STABILIZER-RUDDER are to be found!...

..AND FINALLY...I want to know WHY the SATCOM SYSTEMS were >>NOT USED<< by ground controllers in order TO TAKE OVER THE FLIGHT/THURST CONTROLS!!! It's all >>BULLSHIT!!!<<. The White House, CIA, FBI, DOD, DOJ...why, the ENTIRE US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT are nothing bunch of >>CRIMINALS<< who have pulled off a crime of MASS-MURDER against US citizens so as to allow OLIGRACHS/PLUTOCRATS currently "enshrined" in positions/posts/offices/bureaus/departments of our US Federal Government to use the organized resources of our US Nation and its populace in order to WAGE A WAR to capture/control the geo-politically and geo-economically VITAL oil fields of this planet of ours.

And these same OLIGARCHS-PLUTOCRATS who >>hide<< behind their "corporate shields", be those "shields" of a GOVERNMETNAL or BUSINESS/BANKING type, go ahead and violate every last principle of both Natural and Divine Law in order to satisfy the insatiable cravings and passions of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS of 1) Hubris/Pride, 2) Avarice/Greed 3) Jealousy 4) Envy 5) Sloth 6) Lust and 7) Wrath!!

It was the USA's own General Douglas MacArthur who stated flatly and clearly the following ontological truth of what goes on WITHIN the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of these OLIGARCHS, these PLUTOCRATS, who are "crafting" this on-going 'GLOBAL SOAP OPERA' we all know as 'As The World Turns' to one Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in the mid 1940's:

"The world struggle is NOT political or about economics. It's religous and theological. It is either God or atheism."

In having DISPENSED with both Natural and Divine Law, what we are all being made to witness is 'The Fiat of the State' dictating what is 'permissible' and what is 'not permissible'.

Rick, Jerry...we have EVIL MEN running our US Nation.


If you want to include what I've just written in your 'Final Report', you have both my permission as well as my 'blessing' in crediting ME for having written what I've just written!

- Joe

Counterweight info http://www.antenna.nl/wise/uranium/ruxcw.html

Arlington County After Report with Pentagon Floor Plan and damage zone in next to last pages


The damage mapping was supposedly compiled by the FBI. From the ground floor drawing one can see the other two C ring holes are just service doors.

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